We keep the Earth habitable

We regenerate soil, provide freshwater,
save biodiversity and clean air.

Who we are

Planet is dedicated to developing innovative products for environmental protection. It has been founded by Alessandro Villa and Alessandro Bianciardi in 2012. Both of them are experts in biology, complexbiology systems and bio-inspired technology: after they concluded a specific educational program (Biomimicry Specialist Program and Biomimicry Professional Program) at the Biomimicry Institute (USA), they set up an entrepreneurial venture with the goal to apply and share the innovative discipline learned in USA.

Planet is indeed specialized in biologically inspired design for sustainable innovation. It is part of the international network linked to the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute. Planet can count on a world-wide network of professionals in different disciplines (biology, engineering, design, economy, business management, architecture, chemistry and more), experienced in the Biomimicry Thinking framework. The company is also the founder of both Biomimicry Italy and European Biomimicry Alliance.


Alessandro Villa

20 years experience
in business development

Alessandro Bianciardi

20 years experience
in environmental projects

Alessandro Zecca

7 years experience
in product development
Laura Bettini
International studies
& European institution Msc
Lorenzo Costanzo
Nanomaterial PostDoc
Marek Mojzis
PhD Mechanical Engineer
Giulia Berni
Agronomist and data analyst
Camila Charpentier Alfaro
Chemical engineer