Mangrove Technology Platform

Enables sustainable CO2 sequestration
broadening freshwater and fertile soil
for large-scale, high-tech dryland trees planting

Solar Desalinatino Units

The desalination units treat the saltwater, performing a sun-driven evaporation - condensation process enhanced by 3D textile and nano-coating, from which freshwater and brine come out.

The embedded salt-factories, treat the brine via a force-ventilated evaporation process. The food-grade salt so obtained, can be then used as another resource of income (cosmetic products, food conservation, etc.)

Organic Incubator

We feed the organic incubator with one-time desalinated water. The organic incubator performs a water-saving gradual irrigation of the hosted tree, whose roots are forced to grow vertically, increasing the tree’s survival rate

  • The organic incubator is one-time fed with water
  • The organic incubator gradually release the water into the degraded soil
  • The roots reach the natural underground water, the plant can self-feeding itself, while regenerating the surrounding ground

Internet of Things

We manage the processes of water production and trees planting utilizing Internet-of-Things devices.

  • The IoT gather process data as water production, temperature and soil humidity
  • The system send the data to the online database where information are processed and analyzed
  • The elaborated data support us in planning the facility maintenance