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Community-Centered Reforestation with 1treellion

Agro-reforestation projects in rural communities facing salt-affected water sources, integrating modular desalination and water-saving irrigation systems.


Mangrove - Competitive repositioning project of the Planet company thanks to the Mangrove Technology Platform

Il progetto si propone di ottimizzare la Mangrove Technology Platform (MTP), sistema integrato di tecnologie, in grado di aumentare la disponibilità di suoli ed acqua per attività di agro-riforestazione.


Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region.

The project aims to revolutionize the water supply chain in Mediterranean regions by demonstrating innovative solutions for water/wastewater treatment and management, which will close the water loops and will also boost their agricultural and energy profile.


Ensure fair NEXUS transition for climate change adaptation and sustainable development implementation based on coupled nature-based systems and bioeconomy

SureNexus will support informed and evidence-based decision making for a fair transition to climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as sustainable development enhancing the implementation of the Water Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) NEXUS approach. SureNexus will extend and disseminate it in the different key sectors in a local/regional scale.


Mangrove - A bio-inspired, modular, low-cost, easy-to-use desalination system

Planet investigates five research paths, aiming at provide a disruptive modular system able to satisfy different water demands,and overcome the current desalination devices limits (in terms of efficiency and usability).

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Mangrove Still - Creating conditions conducive to life in drylands

Using innovative solutions to solve global challenges in education, health, employment and many more sectors.

Brevetti 2022

Mangrove technology - bio-inspired desalination unit

Il progetto ha portato alla sottomissione della domanda di brevetto "Passive solar still unit and a plant for treating salted water and producing salt” (Application number EP22163434.8).L’invenzione sviluppata si propone di produrre acqua distillata da acqua salata a diversi livelli divelli di concentrazione, per diverse destinazioni di uso.


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